Tick Tickling Clock

Tick tickling clock
heart pounding and racing
tingling from dripping drop

Tick tickling clock
time counting and teasing
gut blushing and flipping out

Tick tickling clock
anxiety trembling and quivering
dangling like a broken lock

Tick tickling clock
with all the might we tear down the lover’s block
despite the distance, even in silence, our world would still interlock


Learning Not To Love You Anymore

after months,
after weeks,
after days,
after hours,
after minutes,
after seconds,
soon the aching no longer linger on.

Crossing path,
after breakup,
after makeup,
after drifted apart,
after restart,
after goodbyes,
after hellos,
soon there’d be no wallow.

Unrequited yearning
loneliness learn how not to miss you
Occasionally darling
indignity learn how not to misread between lover and not
Learning not to love you anymore
should i?
could i?